Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yay, a finished project...

2.30am again. These late nights are getting to be a bit of a theme. Still, I didn't get home from work until 9.30pm so I've really only had 5 hours of post work nana-dom. If I was a 9 to 5er it'd only be 10pm right now. 

I accidentally left my knitting bag at work tonight so I couldn't work on my scarf as planned. That left the baby handwarmers which I've now finished and I must say look super cute. Just have the ends to sew in and then they're done. 

With fingers eager to keep on knitting I went on ravelry and decided my next baby project would be legwarmers to match the fingerless mitts. I'm not sure I have enough pink left so I'm thinking of making it pink and blue stripes. I'm not entirely sure the colour is right though. Another option is white but the only 4ply white I have is acrylic and I don't really want to mix that with good quality merino. There is a teal too, or yellow. Hmm. I might see if I can go shopping in my flatmate's stash for her leftover soft yarn. 

So another knitting project ticked off and another disk and a half of Go Girls watched. I did also chuck some bread in the breadmaker ready for the morning. I really need to get busy in the kitchen on Sunday as I've been a bit slack this week - I think I've only made one proper meal. Lucky my flatmate does half the cooking and we have a big stash of soup in the freezer to tide me over on work days. 

Right, better get some sleep. Though I'd rather be knitting a few more rows...this knitsch yarn is amazing. I'm so inspired to knit myself some socks!

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