Monday, May 21, 2012

My knitting stash revealed

I cleaned my room tonight which is always a good excuse for 'tidying' my knitting crate. I pulled out everything and organised it into piles by ply. I feel a little guilty about how quickly my stash has grown in just 18 months but when you get it all out, squish it and think about what you can make with each ball, the guilt melts away. My stash makes me happy. Some of the yarns are so insanely beautiful. I couldn't not buy them at the time. 

I do have plans for some of the yarns. The merino silk laceweight from Spinning a Yarn will become a triangular lace scarf this summer. 

The pale green dehaired angora 2ply, fingerless gloves. 

The two balls of Debbie Bliss black cashmerino are going to become my winter hat. 

The prism pink organic 8ply is destined to become a hot water bottle cover for my niece, only a year late after I frogged the last attempt. 

There are a few skeins that I'm so in love with that I'll have to keep for myself - the Manos del Uruguay chunky, Spud and Chloe worsted, Hazel Knits Strawberry Lemonade sock yarn...the rest of the stash is fair game to shop in to make gifts. 

I left it too late last year but this year I'm going to do a handknitted Christmas. Family, be warned. Even though Christmas time in New Zealand isn't exactly Winter woolies weather, I'm sure I'll find something to make each of them. 

Here's a photo of it all put back in its place. I put the prettiest ones on top so I can see them while sitting in bed with a cup of tea. All that yarn, glorious yarn. There's still space, though, to stockpile some more lace, worsted and chunky I reckon!

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