Sunday, July 22, 2012

A hat inspired by The Amazing Spider Man and a real pattern to follow...

I think I mentioned a while back that I'd watched The Amazing Spider Man and left the theatre mesmorised by the hat Emma Stone wore in one fleeting scene. Everyone who asked (and many who didn't) how the film was was treated to a speal about how darn gorgeous this hat was with its lace, bobbles, cables and twisted rib all on the one slouch hat. I was completely in love. I trawled the internet for pictures that night and couldn't find a single one. There was no mention of it on Ravelry and so I pushed the thought aside for a week or two.

Last night I had the urge to create something with bobbles and cables and lace but without a pattern I thought I'd start with something small - a hat for my friend's baby in size one. I took the number of stitches to cast on from the basic hat pattern I always use and I'll use that for the length I need to knit too. Other than that I'm winging it. It's knitted in more of my Shearing Shed Angora Merino in a lovely beige. I kind of combined elements of the Hermione hat but mixed up the cables and the lace a bit and added bobbles. It's looking pretty good so far. In any case it'll keep the wee girls head toasty warm as she's growing out of the last angora hat I made.

I just did a quick google again this morning and found a photo of the hat. Finally. It seems I wasn't the only blogger that got enthused about that hat. Even more exciting is that a pattern's been posted on Ravelry now. I cannot wait to make myself this. Perhaps it's a project for this green Spud and Chloe?! A green Emma Stone hat. I like it.

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