Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September knitting...

A few pictures of some knitting I've done this month...


ABs vs Pumas

I'm finally catching up on some posts from earlier in the month. My sister flew down for the night to come along to the Pumas vs All Blacks match. We had great seats tucked up under cover, out of the wind and rain. As it was the windiest day I can remember for a while, this was really welcome! My sister's plane had to circle a good 30 minutes before it could land - and it was apparently quite a bumpy landing.
I was so excited to see my favourite Puma playing. I've been a big fan of Juan Martin Hernandez since the 2007 World Cup. It was a great game - the Pumas put up a good fight - their defence was outstanding. Of course the ABs won in the end which was the result I was after (I am a Kiwi first and foremost, despite the blue and white facepaint).
While my sis was down we also went out for a yummy lunch at a Taiwanese restaurant. She's big on Asian food having travelled through China. I know pretty much nothing about Asian cuisine but I'm always up for trying something different! I had hot and sour soup and she, sweet and sour pork, and we shared dumplings and a hot of traditional tea. Tummies stuffed, we watched Moonrise Kingdom in the afternoon. And when I say watched, she watched, and I had a siesta having seen it already the night before and not having had to pay for my ticket.
It was a really fun weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just another day...

I forgot to bring my camera into work so still no holiday post...the wee hours of Friday morning it'll have to be (and I really need to get my lap top fixed).

I forgot today was the day I was closing at work and then opening the next morning (so 7 hours between shifts) so I got up early to do some exciting house cleaning, knitting, killing aphids in the garden, baking bread and making Sally Lunn. Luckily I have 24.5 hours (excited much?!) between the next shifts to catch up on some zzz.

This afternoon I had my friends' baby over for a couple of hours. All three of us flatmates happened to be home and it was a gorgeous day so we headed out to Lyall Bay beach to play on the playground and have coffee at the Maranui Surf Club.

Here's me and the little one rocking her hand knits. I mainly snuck this photo in to show off her hat again and to show off my hair - how long is it getting?! That's 17 months of growth now and it's almost down to my shoulders.

I've been making a conscience effort to get up and do something before work each day and it's doing wonders for my happiness levels. One morning this week I got in 2+ hours of knitting before a midday shift. My aim for this week is to work in daily exercise so it starts to become a habit. I was getting pretty darn chubby there earlier this year but thankfully 7kg of it has somehow melted away without me noticing so by making a conscious effort I'm sure the same again will come off without too much trouble. I even started wearing jeans again after a year of not wearing them due to fear of muffin top.

Right it's getting really really late so I'd better hit the hay. Apologies for the rambling post but my brain stopped functioning several hours ago.

P.S. Just realised it's 3 weeks and 1 day until I head off to Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Cannot wait!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still here, still knitting...

Well I've tried to update quite a few times, with photos, over the past couple of weeks but haven't had much luck with the computer. Hopefully tonight will be different.

It's Sunday so I finished work nice and early at 7-ish so I was home in time for a great night in of TV viewing - Nothing Trivial followed by Offspring. I have a glass or three of bubbly and my flatmate cooked me curry so life is good.

Once this is typed up I'll be able to get into some knitting. I've got quite a bit done this week. I'm working on a whole lot of teddy clothes, mostly of my own design, for a couple of special little (and not so little) girls' birthday presents. They look rather hilarious, in a cute kind of way, and at least I'm using up all of the yarn scraps lying around the house.

Since I last posted I've finished a couple of other projects - an Aviatrix hat in newborn size which is so tiny and sweet, another pair of gansey booties in gorgeous alpaca, the black rib beanie for a Christmas gift (yay me, so organised!) and a dish cloth in the most tedious seed stitch that I never care to repeat (part of another Christmas gift). That doesn't look all that much written down but thatt was a fair amount of teddy knitting. I also spent a good number of hours (upwards of 10) trying to untangle the beautiful merino silk I bought off Jessicah of Spinning a Yarn at KAN so I can cast on a cowl. I can't believe how tangled I got it. That'll teach me to try ball up yarn on a bus. There must be a simpler technique but I haven't worked it out yet.

What else has been happening...? I got my wisdom tooth pulled which wasn't nearly as painful as expected but did cost me a couple of week's rent. My sister flew down to come along to the Pumas vs All Blacks game with us which was a lot of fun. I've babysat my favourite wee baby with another date with her this week - she's the most laid back and happy baby I've met in a long while. I put Buquebus on the scales to find he weighs a whopping 5 kilos - not a small bunny, that's for sure - I also bought him a dog harness to take him for walks but he hates it.

Of course I got up to lots while I was on leave but the photos are worth sharing so I'll make a point of using the computer at work after I finish in the wee hours of Wednesday morning to put them on here.

Right, time to get back to the knitting... :-)