Thursday, October 11, 2012


About to take a taxi to the airport to get a flight to Auckland and then onwards to Sydney tomorrow morning. So the next update should be exciting!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The last week, in pictures...

The knitting commission I've been working on - 2.5 days for a cardy and hat. I'm trying to
subsidise my yarn addiction by taking payment for baby knitting.

The knitting bag I picked up at KAN - never without it in my handbag.

Took a walk on my day off in between watching 3 films...

Stopped at Oriental Bay to read my book before being scared back inside by the wind

Dinner at work - Black Doris Plum cake with Plum and Creme Fraiche ice cream...mmm

Buquebus has picked up an annoying habit of tearing up cardboard boxes.

I spent an afternoon at the zoo with my favourite one year old. The lions were soaking
up the sun too.

My neglected mess of a vege patch - it's taking off with all this sunshine.