Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That quake and my weekend...

I was just thinking about going to bed when that earthquake left me wide awake. It lasted long enough to get me a little worried that it was going to turn into something bigger so I actually got up and stood under the door frame. Of course by then the shaking stopped. With payday coming up this weekend it's probably time I continued stocking up our survival kit. We definitely need to put aside more water and get a little gas stove - living with a pom would be no fun in an emergency if she had no way to make tea - grumpy! 

On other matters I had my family down this weekend and so we headed to Craft 2.0 on Saturday. I ended up with some knitsch sock yarn. Naughty me - like I needed any more of that. The new colourways proved too tempting. I also picked up a new owl - a money tin. He's too cute sitting on the dressing table with my other owls. Speaking of owls a weekend in Wellington would not be complete without a visit to Nancy's. I raided the fabric bin for some scraps (including a cute owl print) that will probably become another little monster on my next day off next Wednesday - argh, 8 days between days off is far too long!

I need to be less lazy tomorrow evening and get some knitting done or sew another cushion. Or cook some dinners. That really needs doing too. There's lots of space in the freezer now as our flatmate has moved out so I'm planning on filling it with lots of soup and scones before film festival later this month or as I like to call it 3 weeks of non stop work. We love it really though. It brushes up my coffee skills nicely :-) but leaves little energy for anything but sleeping - not even wine!

Anyway here's some pictures from my weekend...

Posing in front of a Wellington landmark

My niece and I had fun playing in the kids zones at Te Papa

Another beautiful day in the capital...

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