Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More projects in the queue

Remember a little while ago when I posted about 10 knitting projects I wanted to accomplish this winter? Well, now I'm going to have to add a couple more to the list. I've just been commissioned to do some more baby knitting for twins due in July. It's a little scary as it's a gift from someone to someone else. I don't know the recipient. Which means I don't want to make mistakes! 

Because of my mistake-making-fear I will probably stick to the patterns I've made a few times already. Hopefully this means it'll also knit up fast. Having that deadline should push me to finish my current WIPs too,  because I'm going to need those needles! 

Speaking of knitting, I saw one of my knitting heroes this week at work - Tash from Holland Road Yarn Company. It seems I'm not the only one that enjoys whiling away the afternoon in a cafe with wine. I also saw Dan Carter at work this week too. 

Right, better get off the net as my house won't clean itself nor will my scarf knit itself, my bag sew itself or my mess of a skein of yarn unwind itself. 

What sort of gifts do you give new babies/parents? 

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