Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A nana-ry day off

I love days off. Even if the weather is miserable and it's freezing outside! I didn't get up to much at all, which is the best way to spend a day off really.

I baked orange cookies from the latest Healthy Food Guide this morning. Boy are they delicious. They use margarine instead of butter or oil which is really handy when it's monthly shop day and the fridge is pretty empty. That's been rectified now and I can report that is is possible to carry one month's worth of supermarket shopping on the bus by yourself...that's $180 worth of heavy stuff. That was my work out for the day. I may have rewarded myself with some rush munro feijoa icecream upon arriving home.

This morning I hung out with the cutest baby and her mum, drank tea and chatted about knitting. We tried the fingerless mitt on the little girl and it actually fitted perfectly. It looked completely hilarious in a very cute kind of way. I'm halfway through the second one so once that's done I should be able to get a picture of them on. On the cuteness theme we introduced the baby to the rabbit. She really liked patting him and he didn't seem to mind even when she grabbed a hold of his fur and pulled. So adorable.

Other than that I've been knitting, watching too much Go Girls and hibernating under my blanket. Samoan class was cancelled this week unfortunately (or fortunately as I didn't have to brave the rain to go). Back to work tomorrow. I'm hanging out until Sunday when I am free again. Conveniently that is also the day of the Sunday market so I can spend the day out buying fruit and then making jam. Oh the life of a mumsie.

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