Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Days in May

I'm joining in on a post-a-day project where you write a sentence each day about something that made you happy. You can read more about this here. Instead of posting something every day I've been saving them up to do a post a week for the month of May. So here's week one of happy moments.

1.       I woke up to a knock at my door and a courier delivering some yarn. Four balls of soft, squishy deliciousness.
2.       I cried with laughter watching The Five Year Engagement – the cookie monster/elmo scene was hilarious.
3.       I got my hands dirty weeding the vege patch which made me strangely happy.
4.       I got a letter from my friend who’s doing a 2 year mission in Brisbane. Reading it was just like hearing his voice. That made me really happy!
5.       As always going to the vege market made me happy – all those autumn colours. Also I went out for breakfast with my old flatmate (fried corned beef and poached egg on potato rosti) and managed to rope someone in to finishing my shift for me so I could go home early and sleep. Very happy, despite being sick.
6.       Taking half an hour to enjoy the sunshine at the market in the middle of my work day…best decision.
7.       I started training someone new at work and after day one I think they’ll fit right in with our team – fingers crossed. That made me happy. Also I ran a small training session where we got to make/taste everything on the menu – yum – a happy tummy!


  1. oooo a new look to your blog!! and love your posts... specially the one about your missionary friend, something to do with our church and I'm like Yay haha

  2. I was watching offspring and I love the way that program is styled - everything is in this blue and orange - so I decided to style my blog theme on that hehe. It's funny of all the things my missionary friend wants me to post him, he picked feijoa lollies. He is posted in Queensland.