Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A trip back through TV memory lane...

An hour ago I was feeling really happy to be home from work (with a day off tomorrow) and sitting down on the couch with a cup of tea to watch the season finale of Go Girls. Now I'm left with that empty feeling you get when a story doesn't end up the way you wanted it to. I don't want to give away any spoilers if anyone else watches it, but it'd be like Pride and Prejudice if Lizzie and Mr Darcy didn't get together in the end or if Friends had ended with Ross and Rachel going off with somebody else...

It also wrapped up in a way that I get the feeling there won't be another season - possibly a spin off which would be awful. Of course tomorrow I will be over this - it's just a TV show - but it's a shame when one you really like wraps up. That got me thinking about my favourite shows over the years.

When I was intermediate age it was all about Charmed and Dawson's Creek.
That was back when mum gave us little coupons to cash in and watch 1.5 hours of TV a week. I think we convinced her to up that to two hours as the shows I wanted to watch were both one hour long. 

The start of high school was all about Roswell. I was obsessed. I taped every episode so I could rewatch them, read the scripts over and over again online (back in the day when you couldn't watch TV episodes online), and even made a necklace in technology class in the shape of an alien symbol off the show. I wasn't the only obsessed one though - Roswell probably topped talking about boys as a topic of conversation at lunch time. 

At boarding school we were all addicted to Home and Away. I remember when America invaded Iraq they suddenly cut from the show 20 minutes into an episode to show footage of Baghdad. I was outraged. When they shifted the time slot to 5.30pm we were gutted as it clashed with dinner time. I had to watch the omnibus on Sundays instead. 

The rest of my high school years were spent following Mcleod's Daughters. I thought Tess was so cool and Nick, such a dish (did I really just use that word?). I was so jealous of Tess' pet alpacas - they were too cute.

The next show I got fixed on was Alias. I loved this show and especially Michael Vartan. It was one of those shows you watched with the hope the two would get together. Also a spy wearing all sorts of disguises, speaking a zillion languages and always kicking the bad guys' butts was pretty awesome. 

When I was 18 I discovered Grey's Anatomy and actually this was the first show I ever watched online before it came out in New Zealand. McDreamy was such a hottie. The music I listened to was very much shaped by the soundtrack on this show - The Fray and Snow Patrol were the coolest thing ever. I gave up on it after 3 seasons. I still do like those bands though.

After this came a short obsession with Kitchen Confidential. My favourite character was the mormon. Now he plays Sweets on Bones. Bones is one of the shows I still watch every week, 6 seasons on. 

In amongst all this I began my six year love affair with Outrageous Fortune. It has to be my all time favourite TV show. I own most of the seasons on DVD and rewatch them time and time again while knitting. My goldfish are actually called Van and Munter. Well actually, one died today, so now I only have Munter (I think - they looked very similar). One of the highlights of last year for me was going to the Outrageous Fortune exhibition and seeing the set. 

Actually Outrageous Fortune inspired my 7s outfit one year too. We went as Van and Aurora. There were so many people dressed as 'Tool Guys' that year...

A couple of years ago I saw Shane Cortese on the red carpet of The Lovely Bones and it was the most excited I've ever been about seeing someone famous (I had had several wines though). Hayden and Loretta would have to be my all time favourite TV couple too. 

Last year I started watching Nothing Trivial and really enjoyed it. Shane Cortese again, funny that.

Right now I'm a little obsessed with Go Girls, Offspring and New Girl. Love them all.

I probably still watch too much TV but I justify it by getting lots of knitting done in front of the telly. I can't knit and read at the same time, can I?

Watch shows do you regularly watch now? Do you remember any shows fondly from your youth?

*Interesting that of all these shows, 3 are Kiwi productions, 3 Australian and all the rest American telly. 

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