Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An accidental new knitting project

This evening I got home from work and thought woohoo, day off tomorrow, I can knit some of my scarf. I was up until nearly 3am last night knitting it and I only have 3 balls to go... I actually picked it up and did a couple of rows but then I felt this urge to knit something else instead...

I remembered that I'm going around to a friend's place tomorrow to do some knitting with her and play with the baby and I couldn't go empty handed now, could I?! Somehow I found myself on ravelry and then digging through my stash to make something for the little girl. A few hours later and I have half of a present. I've now almost finished two seasons of Go Girls in just 3 days too. 

This knitting thing is possibly getting a bit ridiculous but now that I'm 18 months in to this hobby and not making anywhere near as many mistakes, it is so much fun! Plus, I could probably knit for a few hours a day for a couple of years and still not get right through my yarn stash.

Isn't it cute though? It's knitted in knitsch sock yarn. Pretty!

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