Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gadgets you can live without

Starting the day with a strong cup of fair trade coffee and a breakfast burrito - mmm. It's nothing fancy - just scrambled eggs and tomato in it but makes a nice change from toast (and we're out of bread - I really need to bake some tonight). 

I'm also starting the day by reading a couple of blogs like this one posted yesterday about whether or not you need a microwave oven. Do you have one? We don't in our flat. We simply don't have any room for it and I'm not sure I actually miss it that much. Sure it'd be handy for defrosting fish or heating meals I've put in the freezer, but we manage fine taking things out to defrost a few hours before we'll need it. If I forget, I just make something else. We also tend to use the oven for reheating or a pan on the stove top. 

Another thing we survive without is a clothes dryer. There's also no room for that either, but I also prefer to keep the power bill under $70 a month if I can. For that same reason we don't actually own a heater either. Come Winter we rug up in lots of layers, under lots of blankets and more than one hot water bottle cover (we're lucky to live in one of these uninsulated New Zealand homes). For clothes drying we have 3 clothes racks and a dehumidifier. It seems to work alright. The iron seems to take any remaining moisture out of clothes I need washing overnight. 

Now I think about it, we haven't had a toaster the last few weeks as well. I haven't gotten around to replacing it as it doesn't take much more effort to grill the bread - just need to remember it otherwise your flatmates will be less than appreciative about the smoke alarm going off early in the morning. 

One thing I wouldn't be without now is my crock pot. And whizz stick too. Especially now soup weather has arrived. 

Are there any kitchen gadgets you can't live without? Or can live without quite easily? 

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