Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day off: Miramar

Today was my day off. As I normally only get one day off a week (sometimes not even that, lately), I often end up spending it catching up on sleep and housework which is all well and good, but doesn't make for the most exciting life. This last week I've been really conscientious about keeping on top of my chores during my work week and getting to bed at a decent hour so I can spend my day off doing something that makes me happy. Mopping floors and doing laundry definitely does not make me happy.

So this afternoon I headed out to Miramar to check out a garden centre (California) that my friend told me about. It was a gorgeous day for a walk, sunny but not too hot. The garden centre was pretty big so I spent quite a while looking around, managing not to walk out with any thing from the display of owls (I was sorely tempted). I did spend $10 on four punnets of vegetables - midget broccoli, little cutie cabbages and lots of silverbeet. 

I then started the walk home via the Roxy Cinema where I caught up with a friend for a coffee. Then it was to Lyall Bay via the airport and Moa Point. I love walking through Miramar as it is so flat with wide, pohutakawa-lined streets - the opposite to most of Wellington. Although it's home to quite a few famous people at the moment, I didn't manage to spot any (not for want of trying!). 

The sun was beginning to set as I reached Lyall Bay. I've heard so much about the burger cart there but somehow had never visited before. That changed tonight. I ordered an honest rob - a beef burger. I ate it while walking along the beach, the waves washing over my toes. The water was freezing but the burger fantastic. I'll be trying to get out there more often.

By the time I got back to Kilbirnie I remembered that my work shoes completely disintegrated yesterday and I'd be needing some for my shift tomorrow (the ones I've ordered being stuck on the wharf in Auckland due to the strike). Luckily Farmers had a late night and big sale on. I ended up with shoes and a new exercise outfit. I've been meaning to start my couch potato to 5km running programme again but the lack of anything to wear while exercising had been my favoured excuse to procrastinate. Excuse eliminated. 

Walking through Kilbirnie, I spyed this in the window of a children's clothing store. I'd love to try make something like this. It's so cute!

Then it was to the supermarket and home for a cup of coffee as I finally replaced the plunger I smashed last week. A cup of coffee never tasted so good! 

So all in all, a great day off. Only 10 days to go and then I'm off on holiday. Cannot wait.

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