Monday, October 24, 2011

Tortillas from scratch

Tortillas are one of those things that although you know you could make them from scratch yourself, we always end up buying. No more. My flatmate whipped up a batch from the Edmonds cookbook on Saturday night and although they were not all that pretty, they tasted good. 

Like most things that taste good, they didn't hang around very long. Last night we had to whip up something quick and easy for dinner so we could head out to watch the game. Tortillas once again. This time Sophie Gray's "frugal flour tortillas". They looked a bit more like naan than tortillas but boy are they delicious. Even better one batch uses only 2 2/2 cups flour, a small amount of oil, baking powder, salt and water. Much cheaper than buying them ready made!

The dinner tortillas we filled with a chili mixture made with kidney beans from the freezer, a tin of tomatoes, a couple of tablespoons of red lentils and the usual seasonings (a couple of fresh chilis, coriander from the garden etc). We bulked them up with lots of veges - tomatoes, avocado (only 50c each at the moment!), capsicum - and the first of the cos lettuce from my garden. It's growing like crazy. Lunch today was tuna tortillas. 

I think we have a new favourite bread for lunch! And it's so much cheaper than vogels too :-)

 The kitchen's been temporarily taken over by a flatmate and her friends testing out a fancy camera by filming their chili making attempts. I'm so looking forward to dinner tonight! Need to quickly whip something up for dessert though. No idea what to make...

 They've moved the kitchen table into the middle of the room. I'm liking it there. We just need a couple more dining room chairs though.

P.S. I just discovered the most amazing blog of a woman cooking her way through the Edmond's cookbook. What a legend! Here's the link -

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