Saturday, October 29, 2011


Coincidence. I posted today about Peru and mentioned Ica, the city with the sand dunes and sand boarding. It's also Peru's major wine region putting out some impressive roses.

I got home tonight to see on the new websites that that an earthquake struck there today. No reports of fatalities but there were many injuries and collapsed houses. It's just down the road from Pisco, which suffered a devastating quake in 2007, and a few hours up the road from Nazca and its famous lines. So tonight I'll be sparing a thought for the people there as well as those affected by the quake in Turkey.

It's a good reminder for me that I have to get cracking on getting our survival kit up to par. So far we have the water, radio and plastic bags for toileting purposes sussed but the torches don't have batteries and no first aid supplies apart from band aids, food stashed or anything to cook on. Very slack of me but it is more than the non-existent emergency supplies we had before the Christchurch quake in February gave us a big wake up call.

Tenuously related, I found a photo today of me in the Pisco region of Peru on my first trip there back in 2004. I look so young (I was only 16)! I need to get around to scanning all my pictures from that trip on to my laptop as that was in the days before I owned a digital camera. I think I ended up having to develop around 20 films after a 3 week holiday - almost more expensive than the holiday itself! 

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  1. Really scary to read about all the earthquakes happening.