Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday night in...

I must be getting old because spending my Saturday night at home alone with a glass of wine has a lot of appeal. Especially when that wine is an Argentine Malbec (Buenas Ondas - you can buy it from Mediterranean Food Warehouse for $20) and accompanied by a large steak. Even better when there's a good rugby game to be watched with a warm up of Johnny Depp in a pirate outfit. Hehe. 

Spot the bowl of eggs in the background. They are destined for big things. Pommy flatmate stole Jafa flatmate's slice of fish pie (you don't mess with fish pie - it's our favourite dinner!) and so has to atone for that sin by baking a pavlova. I'm quite happy as I had my full third of pie AND get to eat meringue. Score!

I wasn't so happy to arrive home from work and find the salad seeds that I only just planted dug up. Grr. Not sure if it was a cat or the toddler next door. 

Better news on the gardening front is that I have a little tomato plant (called Tiny Tom) and found something for him to grow up on sale at the Warehouse for $5. Here's hoping he gives us lots of tomatoes for salads this summer!


  1. I love growing tomatoes and will try again this year. My favourite tomatoes are those "Sweet Desire" ones you get from the store, last time I simply saved some seed and they grew wonderfully!

  2. That's such a good idea to save the seeds. I'd never have thought of that. it's my first time growing tomatoes so I'm hoping I don't screw it up haha