Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flat lunch at the Greasy Spoon

The t-shirts may read "Newtown; it's a bit shit" but when it comes to food, Newtown is far from it. We have pretty much everything from proper Italian gelato and frangipane tarts to the most amazing goat curries, french pastries, fruit markets with fresh pink taro and green bananas, the best fish and chips in Wellington and THE GREASY SPOON.

Since all three of us were home on Saturday we finished up the vege market shop by stopping in at the latter for lunch. It's basically a caravan sitting in an empty parking lot (well not so empty with all the chairs and tables - perfect for soaking up the sunshine) on Newtown's main street. As the name suggests they specialise in fry ups and staples like bangers and mash or steak, egg and chips.

They are also really cheap, which makes the food taste even better. The coffee is pretty darn great as well. 
Normally I um and ah over menus for ages before choosing something to order but here it's easy - one bacon buttie with extra bacon please!

How to keep your table number from flying away (part of living in Wellington 101)

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