Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumas vs Georgia: some pictures

On Sunday I headed up to Palmerston North for the day to see Argentina kick some Georgian butt. Well, that was the plan, but not much butt-kicking was done because of a combination of a poor first half performance by the Pumas and Georgia putting up a very decent fight. Still, we won, and it was a fun day out. 

We (my sister and I) had flags and facepaint. I think we looked pretty awesome. She wore her flag as a toga. We had to hunt around for facepaint as the entire city was just about sold out of blue and white!

The Argentine fans kept up the singing and chanting throughout the match. Mostly this tune:

Soy Argentino, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar. Ole ole ole, ole ole ola, ole ole ole, cada dia te quiero mas!

Which means: I'm Argentine, it's a feeling, I can't stop. Ole ole ole..... every day I love you more!

I took a thermos of mate tea and shared some with random Argentines on the street. My sister didn't want to try any though. Not after the last time. With mate you put a whole lot of leaves (the yerba) into a cup (the mate) and then pour hot water over it and drink it with a special straw (the bombilla) that acts as a strainer. You keep pouring water over it, drinking it, pouring some more water etc until it loses its flavour and that's when you top it up with more yerba. Now the first mouthful can be very strong for the uninitiated. The last and only time my sister tried some she got this first taste and was gagging into the kitchen sink haha. 

There was also a free asado (bbq) in the square. It was well worth the wait in the queue. They'd also organised a small market/fair type thing with empanadas and even churros filled with caramel. I ate three! 
After the game we headed to a pub to watch the All Blacks and what a game that was! I can't wait for this Sunday as I am lucky enough to be going to the Wallabies vs Springbox quarterfinal (haven't decided who I'd rather win that) and then straight after that I'll be watching the All Blacks vs Pumas - I think I will do All Blacks facepaint with my pumas jersey for the occasion although I'm certain the All Blacks will win easily. They may be without Dan but Argentina is without both Hernandez and Fernandez Lobbe and don't have a kicker than can actually get the ball between the posts more than 30% of the time. I hope they don't lose by too high a margin.

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