Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random cookies and a parliament of owls

Work tonight seemed to go on forever. That's what happens when you've had barely any sleep and then go straight to your job from a three hour exam. I am exhausted! 

The highlight of my shift was sitting down with a nice cup of tea and bikkies, homebaked by my flatmate. She unexpectedly popped into work bearing gingerbread cookies. They weren't just any gingerbread either. We only own one cookie cutter and it's in the shape of a dog. That could get kind of boring so she cut out shapes herself with a knife. Mine were an owl (I love owls - actually I got a new owl doorstop the other day, I'll post a picture below because he's too cute!) and a ninja bread man doing kung fu type moves. Of course I didn't have my camera on me to take photos and they were too tempting not to eat them right away. 

 The owl on the left is from the little gift shop out the back of Empire Cinema in Island Bay. Apparently a group of local mums have been making them to raise money for their daughters' school trip to Europe. I couldn't go home without him. 
The wee owl on the right I got from a craft market in Hamilton. I also have owl pyjamas, a hat and hot water bottle cover. I foresee more owls in my future as the owl cable is my favourite knitting design - owl coffee mug cosy, owl fingerless mittens, and perhaps one day this beautiful owl sweater...

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