Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grrr, annoying!

Do you know what is really REALLY annoying?! Deciding to whip up some pastry before going to bed so it can rest in the fridge overnight, ready to turn into spectacular, yummy goodness in the morning, and then finding you don't have the most crucial ingredient in the pantry even though you swear you picked up a can at the supermarket.

I have a class shared lunch on Monday with a Pacific theme. I'm making pineapple pies as they're basically an empanada but with coconut cream in the pastry. COCONUT CREAM. The one thing I don't have on hand. Now I have a bowl of butter rubbed in flour sitting on the bench that I can't do anything with until the supermarket opens. Even more annoying is that I had to make a special trip to the supermarket already tonight to get tinned pineapple for the filling.


On a more positive note my grandparents arrived in Wellington bringing goodies from mum. 
  • one bag of lemons that will become lemon curd
  • lots and lots of rump steak (empanadas in the making!)
  • roasts (must be time for another dinner party...)
  • a cake mixer (which I am so excited to use and is so big it will live under the table)
  • my cake stand (my pavlovas have missed you!)
  • and lots of tea bags
It was like Christmas.

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