Monday, October 24, 2011

All Blacks...what else?!

Like the rest of New Zealand, I am so insanely happy tonight!!!!
Finally, the world cup is ours. Like the last four world cups, a game of footy has brought me to tears, but this time they were tears of the good kind (and a few tears of the oh my gosh this is so intense I can hardly bear to watch it kind too). 
The atmosphere at Embassy Theatre, where we watched it, was incredible. More than 700 people stood and sang the national anthem and yelled and screamed at the screen for the entire game. There was chanting and biting of nails, and drinking of wine to calm the nerves. What a crowd! 
And being a big Stephen Donald fan, I'm extremely happy he got that kick over. Chuffed that our try was scored by a prop too. How cool is that?!
I'm proud to be a kiwi every day but even more so today. Let's all take the day off, shall we? Public holiday! 

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  1. And what a close score too! I'm really happy today is a public holiday!