Monday, October 10, 2011

A rugby-filled weekend

I apologize in advance to anybody who's sick of hearing all about the World Cup already. I have another picture update from the game I went to this weekend - Australia versus South Africa. I found time to watch three of the four quarterfinals, only missing the fourth because of that pesky thing called having to work. If only the bills paid themselves...

So here's the photos. It was a gorgeous day to be sitting in the sun, watching a very close game of rugby with a plastic cup of sauvignon blanc and a hotdog on a stick. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

P.S. Go the All Blacks! And would everyone please stop slagging off Stephen Donald already?! By the Facebook updates it seems everyone's written off the ABs before they've even played the game. Think positive - we won't get any more injuries and we will roast some Wallaby!  

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