Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Green thumbs: front garden update

It's getting warmer and with it comes the cravings for salads chocful of summer vegetables. After a disastrous attempt at growing cauliflowers this winter (planted them in march and still no sign of anything but leaves), I've decided to concentrate on growing salad stuff - mainly rocket, lettuces, radishes and cherry tomatoes. 

When I pottered about the garden tonight, weeding and planting some new seeds, I noticed it's gotten a lot bigger than when it started with a couple of herbs at the beginning of the year. Here's a few pictures of my 'pot garden' on the front porch. I'll put some photos up of the back garden later in the week. This gardening jazz is rather addictive. Pity the landlord's not keen on me extending it onto the lawn so I may have to get creative and start gardening in hanging baskets. And I wish the neighbours would get rid of that ugly chair! 

I think the key to it still being alive (mostly) is that there's a fire hose right there and I have to walk past it every time I leave the house/return home so it's very difficult to forget to water. 

March 2011
March 2011
September 2011
October 2011
End of Sept 2011 (new pop up planter filled with lettuces)

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