Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soy argentino, es un sentimiento no puedo parar...

Well Sunday was a day I've been hanging out for for quite some time. It was the day of the Pumas versus Scotland game, and we had tickets!

We started off having a couple of Quilmes and fernet and cokes while painting on our faces. How awesome is it that you can buy Argentine beer and spirits right here in Wellington?! Three cheers for Moore Wilsons!

Then it was off to the stadium for a very close game. We moved seats to be amongst all the Argentine fans. Not that you needed seats as we were standing up chanting, yelling, hugging the people around us when we finally got a try etc etc. Pumas supporters are the most passionate I've ever seen. It was amazing to be a part of. 

I painted a sign on a pillow case and hung it down the front in the hopes my grandparents in Argentina might spot it on the telly, and low and behold apparently it did indeed appear for a split second 18 minutes into the game. How cool is that?!

Once the game was won nobody wanted to leave the stadium. They were all dancing and chanting (with drums even). My friend dragged me right into the thick of it. The stadium floor was moving up and down with all the people dancing. It was truely awesome!

From there it was off to the hotel they were staying at to await players' arrival. That was an experience in itself.

Later in the evening (or early morning by this time) we hung out in the same pub as the players. I met a few including Felipe, the bald goal kicker and Lucas, who scored the winning try.

What a night! I'm so excited to be going to Palmerston North (probably the only time I'll ever say that!) to see them play again this weekend. I won't, however, be repeating Monday's hangover! I remember why now I don't drink like that anymore. Fuerza Argentina!

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