Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy birthday little sis

Two birthdays in two days - no wonder I'm always skint at this time of year :)

Happy birthday to my favourite little sister. I actually bought you a present this year but I've got to admit, I had a bit more fun organizing last year's.

It sounds like I missed a good party though. 

You should be so proud of everything you've achieved in your 22 years. I admire how driven you are and how well you do at everything you attempt. (So please don't get too good at this backpacking business - I need at least something I can outshine you in, right?!). I am in awe of how much you seem to pack into your busy life, oh and of how glamorous you always look too :-)

It's hard to know what to write. In some ways it doesn't seem that long ago that we were sharing a room (and the same hair cuts with matching jerseys and dungarees - thanks mum!) but in other ways it's like that was a lifetime ago!

Most of my memories of you revolve around us running wild on the farm - making huts, riding cows or training our calves, trying not to get caught jumping on the bailage, climbing trees...

Or doing dance routines to Five, sneakily watching Catdog on the telly when mum was out, using an upturned trampoline as a gymnastics apparatus, making "Fish and Chips" out of slices of bread, arguing that my guinea pig should get chucked down the offal hole since that's the burial yours got (hehe)...

When we were older at boarding school, walking up the hill and having the other girls laugh at how we bounced when we walked, our pony tails swinging side to side...

Trying to catch fish with plastic bags at Cooks Beach (remember when you dropped your rod off the wharf?), camping at Ruatiti, swimming with the dolphins...

Watching your running events - especially that North Island one in Taupo when you kicked some serious ass...

I remember some of your birthdays;
the one when you got a Petrol station/car park for the matchbox cars,
the one where we went to the Kiwi House and another to Hamilton Zoo,
one when you caved and let me bake a cake but only if it had no icing on it,
your 10th birthday when your friend ended up in tears after grabbing the electric fence and not letting go,
and one when you had a Mooloo cake.

I hope you spoil yourself today.
Happy birthday again and see you next weekend for the rugby game.

Lot's of love, your favourite, second-biggest sister. XO

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