Friday, September 9, 2011

Postcard from Auckland: In pictures

During the uni break I headed home to the farm for a couple of days. Somehow amongst the knitting, making empanadas, playing with the bunny, sneaking the cat inside at night and going out for a yummy dinner of wild rabbit hot pot and cheese souffle at Huhu, I forgot to take any photos.

I flew back via Auckland so I could go to the Otara Market and guess what?! I was so busy stuffing my face with pork buns, watching Winston Peters trying to drum up votes and keeping my eyes peeled for the elusive breadfruit that I didn't take any photos there either!

What I do have photos of are the Buddist Temple, the just-reopened-that-day art gallery and most importantly, the All Blacks. And because it's gone half midnight and I have a busy day of watching Bro Town tomorrow (it's for homework, I swear) that is all you are going to get. So...enjoy

Here's one I took 2 years earlier (more hair)

cute wee calfies

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