Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A freak hailstorm to break the monotony of a quiet day at work

Lucky I had my camera stashed in my bag today, because this is the view I had from the kitchen at work. So much hail, it nearly looks like snow! It was such a quiet day that we nipped outside to take some photos and back in again without neglecting any customers, or burning anything! 
I also booked myself in for a haircut (and blonde highlights) this Friday. It's actually been nearly 2 years since I paid for a haircut and my gosh, did it always cost so much?! $130 (more than a weeks rent - eek!) and no student discounts either. Ah well, this week it is 6 months since I shaved my head to raise funds for a cancer charity and let me tell you, 6 months of hair growth = mini mullet. It will be money well spent! 


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