Monday, September 5, 2011

Postcard from Wellington: Wellington Zoo

$5 entry to the zoo - how could I pass up that?! It seems every mum and her buggy had the same idea one Wednesday in August, but aside from dodging the prams (those things are like mini-tanks - do you really need something so big to carry such small children?) I had a great day out at the zoo. Mojo has not one, but two cafes there so with latte in hand I had a lovely stroll around in the sunshine - my jandals even got to come with me - so strange to think only a couple of weeks before it had been snowing.
I watched the tigers being fed and then spent most of the time mesmorised by the baboons who were thankfully better behaved than last time. My last zoo visit left me traumatised after seeing a wee baby baboon getting raped by one of the male ones. So icky. This time one of the mums was keeping a tight hold on her baby - by its tail. After the aforementioned previous incident, for good reason too.

The giraffes are my other favourite. The kiwis too.  It was too hot for Happy Feet to be swimming in the pool but I did see him via the live cam.

The new upgrades are looking great and I cannot wait for the petting zoo to be finished. A close encounter with a llama, now that will definately win me over!

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