Friday, June 29, 2012


There are some mornings during the week when I grab breakfast on the run - a banana or muffin, or even just a cappucino when I arrive at work. There's always several mornings though when I take the time to sit now and eat breakfast properly. It's probably my favourite meal of the day - maybe because I love eggs so much!  

When I say 'take the time' it actually doesn't take that long at all. Once the kettle's boiled for tea you can use the same water to poach or boil an egg in much the same time as it takes the toast to cook. Scrambled eggs or beans on toast is even faster. Other mornings we'll make porridge or I'll have homemade muesli with yoghurt and fruit.

As there's just two of us to cook for most of the time we don't always sit at the table but most times we do. There's something about the ceremony of putting on the tablecloth and putting out the cutlery that adds enjoyment to the meal. I can remember it being a treat to sit in the lounge to eat dinner when I was a kid (always with a sheet under us to collect the crumbs) - pretty much every night the table was set with place mats and we ate the meal together - the way I think it should be. 

During the weekends I remember having cooked breakfasts - pancakes with brown sugar and lemon, french toast or eggs. At one stage when I must have been 10 or 11 I ran a breakfast cafe for the family where they could order off the menu and I'd make them whatever they fancied - probably eggs in the microwave or french toast again. 

My favourite place I've ever eaten breakfast is at my grandma's house in Argentina. She has this tiny table in her kitchen so you can all chat as she fusses about making your toast and tea. The fact that there was spreadable port salud  and dulce de leche on the table for toast was a bonus.

What's breakfast like in your house?

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