Sunday, June 24, 2012

A rambling Sunday post...

Well I'm back from holiday and it was over much sooner than I'd have liked. As soon as my plane touched down I rushed to a taxi and went straight to work. I'm already hanging out for my next day off as I've got lots of knitting planned - hopefully I'll finally finish that last fingerless mitt and knock off some booties. I knitted two baby hats while I was away so I'll post pictures as soon as I can. That is as soon as the parcel containing all the yarn I bought in Dunedin and most of my clothes arrives. I had to post it back as my bag was full of wine. The wineries in Central Otago were too full of temptation! 

More too on Queenstown and Dunedin tomorrow. They were both incredible places and I had such a blast. 

Tonight I was doing more mundane things like tidying the pantry. I always like to do it just before doing the big shop (I think it was 6 weeks ago since our last proper supermarket shop) so I can see what we need to buy. I've been collecting big jars from work to help organise it. I'm a messy person by nature so I need to fight hard to stay tidy. 

One new thing we've started doing is chopping up our ugliest tea towels to make dish cloths and putting it in the wash at the end of the day. I guess I still have to buy some disposable ones occasionally for cleaning the bathroom though... although my friend does make her own and reuse baby wipes so can you wipe the toilet with a designated cloth, wash it and reuse it again?

A bit of a rambling Sunday post but my cup of tea and knitting is calling me. Here's a sneak peek at a photo of Queenstown - how lucky am I to live in country as beautiful as this?!


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