Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I've dug up some more photos...

For the last 18 months I've had my memory cards full of photos from travelling stored at my mum's. I've only had access to the ones I'd already put on facebook or my blog. I'm planning on trawling through them all and backing them all up and printing a whole lot out for the wall, so that is what I've been doing tonight. There are so many photos I forgot I'd taken of so many beautiful places. I thought I might do a few blog posts sharing a few that I haven't shared before. 

Today: photos from my week travelling on riverboats down the Amazon. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I'm definitely going to repeat it again - but for even longer next time!

Three times a day the bell sounds - time to line up for food. BYO tupperware and cutlery. Wash it out in the bathroom between meals. 
Mmm lunch of rice, chicken and plantain
Relaxing in my hammock. Notice how my camera is on me and I am clutching my bag with my valuables in it. I actually slept with it underneath me like a pillow. Notice my pack peeking out from behind me - it's chained to a pole. 
Dinner of rice, plantain, chicken AND beans. I appear not to change my skirt very often over the week :-)
Ooh that's exotic. Rice, plantain and fish! Same skirt.
It's best to pay a little more for the top deck - cooler (in a gets more breeze way) and less crowded 
The boat doesn't stop that often - a lot of people/goods are transfered while it's moving via canoes/small boats from villages
If you're hungry between meals people come on board to sell snacks at each stop.
The cargo hold - so many eggs!
The riverbanks are MUDDY.
Gas and petrol exploration everywhere.
People actually live on this banana boat, like gypsies
Nice catch
Mototaxis at Nauta ready to take you to a depot to take a shared car down the highway to Iquitos
The boat justs drives right up to the river bank to park up. Gives you a heck of a fright in the middle of the night when your hammock goes flying when it hits the bank
Carrying precious cargo to isolated villages
freshwater dolphin - notoriously hard to photograph


  1. I can't seem to see your photos if you have posted some.. :(

  2. Technical problems. I'll put the photos up now. I now know you and mum both read my blog today haha