Saturday, June 16, 2012

Freezing cold and mentally scarred

Brr it's freezing in Wellington tonight. Not as freezing as in Dunedin though, apparently. I'll be there on Sunday morning so sent off an email to Andy of Flagstaff Alpacas to see if I could arrange a visit. Apparently they're in the snow! Perhaps I will pack my gumboots after all so I can wear thick merino socks over my tights. 

Tonight I stayed after work to watch our screening of Labyrinth. I have to say David Bowie wearing tights on a screen that big is plain scary. More scary was the squeals of joy coming from the older women in the audience. Disturbing! Haha. 

One more day of work and then holiday time. I'm so looking forward to it, even more so after an afternoon buried in excel spreadsheets. Note to self: remember to bring reading glasses when planning to do computer work. 

So tonight I leave you with two clips from YouTube as I have to save any remaining energy and inspiration for cleaning the house/finding all my warmest winter gear. The first, the one and only David Bowie, and the second, a song I'm loving at the moment from the Season Three Offspring soundtrack. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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