Sunday, June 10, 2012

A day off and projects completed

I had quite a lazy day today. I didn't get anywhere near as much housework done as I should've, but I don't feel guilty about that at all. I slept in until 10.30am and then knitted until midday in bed, only venturing out for a cup of tea. 

By the time I thought about going to the market it was too late so I did the vege shopping in Newtown instead - a couple of things from the supermarket and the rest from the little greengrocer type shop that stocks all the island food. As I passed a couple of elderly Samoan men in the entrance to the shop I said excuse me to them in Samoan as I squeezed past - you should've seen the look of shock on their faces and they started to laugh. I'm glad I brought some happiness to some strangers' day.

I'm quite selfish with my days off. I find after 6 days of working in a very social job I mostly want to spend some time alone doing something I like doing. Whether this is cooking, gardening, reading, going for a walk along the beach or knitting, changes depending on my mood and on the weather. Today the sun was shining so I shouted myself lunch at one of my favourite cafes, Monterrey. So I sat outside on the pavement with a glass of pinot gris, my knitting and some delicious french toast with haloumi and slow roasted tomatoes. It was lovely until my hands started to turn purple when the sun became shade. Brr. Home to bring Buquebus into the house and to carry on my knitting in front of a dvd. 

While I was knitting Buquebus taught himself a new trick - how to climb up onto the chair. What a cutie pie. 

By tonight I'd sewn in the ends of my scarf - now it just needs to be blocked before I can get a picture wearing it as the sides curl in. It's a bit hard to get a photo of but this is it folded in four, so a quarter. It's so warm and snug. 

Speaking of warm and snug I also finished my Hermione hat today. It's the third I've knitted - I love this pattern. This time I knitted it in worsted instead of dk and added an extra cable repeat to make sure it sits snuggly over my ears. It'll serve me well in the South Island next week I reckon.

I've never been good at self photography but here's what it looks like on. I'm in love. I totally need more cascade for my stash! 

So that's two things ticked off my list of 10 things to knit before the end of winter. My aim is to finish my fingerless gloves this week before going on holiday so then hopefully it'll be 3/10. How was your Sunday?

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