Saturday, June 9, 2012

I wish...

I wish you could wear knit a hat while knitting it. I'm trying on my beanie right now. It's half done and so warm and snug. It's a real beanie type hat - I think I'll make a cooler, slouchy one next, but for now I'm going for warmth over looks. That's something I loved about knitting my scarf; you could wear it and simultaneously knit it. Brilliant!

I also wish Thursday would hurry up and arrive and with it the next episode of Offspring. No spoilers here for kiwis that haven't seen it yet but this last episode was so good I watched it twice in a row! Seeing the guest star Kick Gurry on something again brought back a whole lot of memories of studying 'Looking For Alibrandi' in high school english class. I still love that film :-)

I should get an early-ish night so I can get up and make the most of my day off but I think I'll pop another dvd in as this cabling is too fun. It's got Robyn Malcolm in it so it should be a good watch.

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