Sunday, November 13, 2011

War on slugs

Slugs 8
Caterpillars 1

That's how many I squashed last night when I took my torch spotlighting in the vege patch. Despite liberal sprinkling of slug bait I have been waking up to neatly chomped holes in some lettuces and particularly the pak choy. I'm told putting a bowl of beer out there might help but although I like beer, I'd much rather spend money on wine for myself and not shout the neighbourhood slugs a round. I have been taking used coffee grounds home from work and putting it on the garden to ward off both cats and my small slippery friends which has had some success. I reckon adding a few minutes of night time manual pest control to the mix can't hurt either.


  1. I won't be able to do an squashing of bugs... Would be too freaked out... Did the coffee work?

  2. The coffee's working on the snails, not so much the cat at the moment - though I haven't put it on in over a week. Haha get the kids to put their gumboots on and squash the bugs for you!