Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cheap Tuesday

Wow Tuesday is nearly over already but there's still time for a budget tip.

Heading overseas? Have a stopover? You could fork out for a hotel or you could do as I'm going to do this Thursday night and sleep in an airport. There's actually a whole website dedicated to this topic - you can place and/or read reviews. Apparently Auckland is one of the better airports in the world to spend a night (apart from the bedbugs) but the one I'd really like to crash in (in a sleeping, not a plane nose-diving into the tarmac, sense) is Singapore. That airport sounds amazing!

Sleeping in an airport isn't the only way to save money on a night's accommodation. While I was backpacking I did a fair few overnight bus trips. It also saves the daylight hours for sightseeing rather than getting from a to b...of course some panoramas deserve to be seen in the light of day and in Southern Colombia in particular it's wise not to travel after dark, but for the most part, nighttime travel is a fantastic thing.

After this mini holiday to Samoa I'll be busing back to Wellington on the overnight bus. $28 versus $100 for a flight - it's simple economics. My number one tip though if you're going to do this often is to buy a travel pillow. Those things are a godsend on New Zealand buses in particular. This photo will show you why they're really not that necessary in Peru.

A blanket, pillow, free wifi, bingo, movies, hot meals and tea...it only got better in Argentina where on one bus ride I had a glass of bubbly as I boarded, a glass of red wine with dinner and then a whisky nightcap.

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