Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'll never let go...

A conundrum. To show this side of myself or not show this side of myself on the internet...the thing is with blogging is that you don't really know who is reading. 

Dare I admit on the world wide web that I am secretly really looking forward to something that comes out in April next year?? 

Do I let you all in on the big secret that in my heart I am a big fan of a certain blockbuster movie starring a certain good looking man and a very large ship? 

Do I share with you that after 5 years of piano lessons as a child the only song I can still play is "My heart will go on" by Celine Dion? 

Titanic. In 3D. Sigh. Doesn't Leo rock those braces? 

Maybe if they knew back then that they'd be putting it out in 3D one day they might have filmed the scene where they are spitting over the side from a different angle. Just imagine sitting in the audience and a wad of spit comes shooting out of the screen...

I remember going to watch it with mum and my sister way back when it first came out. In the late 90s, right? We also owned the VCR which I confess I've watched quite a few times although sometimes we fast forwarded to the part when the ship starts to sink.

And without fail a little tear slips out every time I see Jack slip under the water (the only other movies that get me every time are the Lion King and the Notebook - don't laugh!). 

Back to that song by Celine Dion - I was going to chuck an iceberg the next time I heard them playing it in Peru. It's practically their anthem. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Peruvian except the fact that this song is played on repeat in practically every restaurant and bus, and by every I mean EVERY! I've heard it played on panpipes, on clarinet, on guitar, dubbed into name it, I've heard it. They love it.  

When I got to Colombia I went nearly a full two weeks without hearing that song until one fateful night out enjoying a meal of red wine and cheese fondue with a lovely Dutch woman. While we sipped on our wine and waited for the fondue to arrive a man set up his instrument ready to play to the diners...and from those first notes I knew we were in for yet another Celine Dion rendition only moments after I'd been describing to my friend how crazy they are for that song in Peru and how lovely it was to not hear it thus far in Colombia. 

Grr, seriously! The Celine Dion faux pass was almost forgiven when I got to Uruguay to find them playing kiwi music in one of the cafes - Fat Freddy's. 

Still, even if that song has become my nails on a blackboard I'm extremely happy that we're going to have a chance to see this film again on the big screen! 

P.S. I always wanted to get my hands on a copy of that violin music they play when the ship is sinking and play it during a very rough crossing of the Cook Strait when I worked on a ship. Although I thought better of it thinking some of the punters might not have shared my sense of humour. 

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  1. I thought the movie at the time was beautiful (but oh so sad).