Monday, November 14, 2011

Get Growing

I've got a lot of unexpected free time today after the wine tasting training course work was sending me on, was cancelled. So right now I'm sitting in bed with a cup of tea and rewatching episodes of Get Growing.

I'm really getting into this gardening business and although I thought I was going into it a complete novice, I must have managed to pick up quite a bit of knowledge by osmosis during my childhood (my parents always had a garden and I watched that show with Maggie Barry hehe). I knew the basics - roughly what is in season, when; how to plant out seeds and seedlings; that plants need water... a lot I'm learning from trial and error, and the rest from the books, my mum and the internet.

One of the best (and most engaging) sources I've found is Get Growing. The show aired on Prime last year I think, but I missed it. All the episodes are available here. I recently acquired the book  'One Magic Square' all about everything you can grow in just one square metre - although this week I've graduated to around 3 square metres plus pots!

I have this memory of cooking a roast dinner as a teenager. I took the roasting pan up to the wool shed where dad popped a leg he'd just cut off the sheep carcass into it. Then we went out to the garden and dug up potatoes to roast. So fresh and so yum!

We also had chooks. That's something I'd love to have one day, especially at the rate we eat eggs. Somehow I don't think that will happen anytime soon (I can just see the landlord's face!), although we are allowed pets. Fingers crossed pommy flatmate isn't deported next month. If she isn't, we want to adopt a rabbit from the SPCA or somebody's unwanted one off trademe - we have lots of vege scraps for it to eat!

The episode I've been watching has just ending so that must be my cue to get out of bead, cook up some spinach on toast and head out to Bunnings and Pak n Save via a walk along the beach.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hey Jess...I've was thinking just today about how I'd like to be more self-sufficient, and sooner! It's been on my list for a while, and it will happen! I was also imagining chickens (I still don't call them Chooks !! ) running around my flatmate, who owns the house wants them too, eventually, after her garden re-vamp is completed. But I may be gone before then as I'm heading your way in the coming year :)

    Are you right in Wellington ? (Feel free to email me on if you don't want to give specific information out on here-though I suppose half the people who follow your blog aren't even in NZ, and Lea certainly wouldn't do anything unsavoury with your address details!)

    ...and tasting course, your job sounds interesting...what do you do?

    Good luck with everything garden related :) Perhaps we could meet up sometime, and I can benefit from the process of osmosis and learn a few things from you :) and I will think of something interesting to teach you :)

    I hope your flatmate doesn't have to leave :( Has she been here a while?

  2. Hi Sarah. We are in Newtown - so nearly the central city. I just work in/supervise a cafe at the moment - it's a lot of fun.

  3. :) Just read your menu for tonight, who cares if it doesn't have a theme, that's a lot of nice sounding dishes - enjoy :)