Sunday, April 24, 2011

Postcard from Wellington: Craft 2.0

 So even though Craft 2.0 just celebrated its 5th birthday, I'd never been to it before or even heard about it until recently (it's my sister that's the craft market junkie). It was such a great day out. The stalls were beautifully presented with all sorts of tempting items to buy and engaging people behind them to chat to.
Apart from browsing for cute knicknacks, I was also curious to see what people were charging for baby knits. Low and behold I recognised most of the clothes from my ravelry favourites list, and the exact toddler mitts I made the other week were selling for 12 bucks. Maybe I should start charging...

But the highlight was definately the "jam-off" judged by Al Brown. It was a billington plum jam that won overall (good news because mum has one of those trees!) and a very kiwi winning speech - "full credit to the plums". The rosehip, vodka and quince jelly sounded pretty darn delicious too!

I couldn't leave without buying some yarn (suprise, suprise) so I'm going to make this scarf at some point with a merino-silk blend from Spinning a Yarn. And I have to say, I just read her blog and I am in love with her red mixer! How cute would that look in my kitchen if I had more than half a metre of bench space either side of the sink?!

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