Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Postcard from Wellington: Petone

Pommy flatmate enjoying the first
 lot of sun we've had in ages - you can tell it's sunny by the way
her glasses make her look all 'Ben Affleck in that
god awful, monstrosity they called a superhero movie'.
Despite living in Wellington for over 5 years now, today was the first time I've been to Petone proper. Not through Petone, or to Petone beach, or just to Mitre 10 Mega,  but I actually spent the day wandering Jackson Street. Wandering is probably not the right word; making a beeline for Holland Road Yarn Company more like!

I've decided it's best that my visits out there don't become too frequent because with Holland Road and Wanda Harland on the same street, my wallet is going to suffer! Mumsie heaven! Nb: There's also heaps of second hand/antique stores which I didn't check a chance to check out - I mentioned that I was beelining, didn't I?! 

After perusing the yarn (and spending *cough* $40 *cough*), it was time for a tea and scone in the cafe next to the old jail. Some of the buildings are really lovely and there's lots and lots of antique/second hand stores to browse which I didn't get to today(best to save those pennies for Samoa, or for that small inconvenience called 'the rent')

My purchases - the cascade is made in Peru!

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