Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keep calm and pom pom on

Cut out a 'donut' shape from cardboard
Wrap wool around and around

Cut the loops of wool.
Whoops missed a step. Pom pom fail.
Realise you need 2 'donuts'. Wrap wool again.
Cut loops and then tie a piece of yarn around,
in the middle of the 2 'donuts'...
...leaving you with a pom pom and a
string to sew it to the hat with.

Stitch the pom pom to your hat.

The hat pattern can be found here and the fingerless mittens, here.
They are both really simple and knitting in the round on a magic loop. Now I just hope they'll fit their intended recipient and that they are cool enough for a discerning one-year-old gal.

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