Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Barefoot in the kitchen

 Today was one of those days where like a true housewife mumsie I spent the entire afternoon barefoot (well I would've been had the temperature risen above so friggin cold you'd think you were at Scott Base) in the kitchen.
I had a bright idea the other day that the person who ate the last slice of bread should have to bake the next loaf. Of course that person was me. I didn't mind because I have a brand new bread bin that is so ridiculously cute. Yay for closing down sales and bargains to be had. No bread bin that adorable should be left empty and so I got to work. This is the recipe I always use. It's yummy, but not too yummy. My flatmate makes an incredible loaf that never lasts more than a day because it is that good. Sneaking a piece on your way to the bathroom at 2am kind of good. Thus, that is not every day bread.
Normally I leave it out in the sun to rise - a bit of a problem today. Solution = turn the oven on and sit the dough on top of it. And since the oven's on, might as well get some baking down while you're at it. Cue anzac bikkies (my all time favourites) and Bill and Ben's ridiculously easy date loaf. When a bag of dates winds up in the shopping trolley it's a not-so-subtle way of flatmates saying "MAKE US SOME DATE LOAF, MUMSIE". Another thing that doesn't last more than 1 day. Served with a scrape generous mound (a la Julia Child) of butter of course.

Tangelo & tequila jelly
Then it was off to Samoan class but not before juicing (in my hands - note to self; buy juicer) the tangelos that didn't get eaten last week and making jelly for dessert. Tequila and tangelo jelly. It's an Annabel Langbein recipe from her Pacific inspired recipe book, except hers has lemongrass, lime and rum. I didn't have rum so tequila it was. Any attempts to turn the jelly onto the plate from it's rammekin nest failed. How the heck do you achieve this? Ideas? I tried sitting it in some hot water and slipping a knife around the sides, but it still didn't work. But I could hear Meryl channeling Julia ("never apologise")and left it in the cups - it looked rather awesome if I do say so myself. Except for tasting the tiniest bit burnt - don't use the pot with the burnt bottom next time. Success.

Loving all things Samoan at the moment and so dinner was Luau (sp?) which is basically palusami without any corned beef.


Take one can of coconut cream and a bunch of silverbeet/spinach (taro leaves if you can find some, which I can't) and simmer for about 45 mins. I added a pinch of chilli, garlic, salt, vege stock and there should be lemon too but we're all out. Serve on rice. Fatty and delicious!

 I made soup too. Let's call it an experiment in what happens when you blend orange pumpkin with purple cabbage. I'm about to whizz it up in the processor to see. Every time I look into the crockpot I'm reminded of Bridget Jones' epic blue string soup. It looks about as appetising. Hoping it doesn't taste too 'interesting'.

And check out my latest pot garden pic. They're all still alive, although the basil looks like it needs a trip to the infirmary. For that I blame the cat, but that is a WHOLE 'nother blog entry.

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  1. orange + purple = repugnant looking brown soup that I couldn't bring myself to eat. Popped it in the freezer for times when we may be desperate enough to eat it. Like if there is an earthquake and the only food available is a cold, previously frozen, snaplock bag of brown muck. What a waste of a pumpkin. It probably tasted fine;I'm just not brave enough to sample it. Mumsie fail.