Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and the Amazon

Just a quick post as I'm not entirely sober after attending a Boxing Day potluck dinner. Everything was so delicious (I made a pav) and it was a fun evening sitting out in the sun, sipping a pims cup and doing a lot of laughing.

Yesterday we had a lovely, quiet Christmas Day. We did an orphans Christmas - just my flatmates and I. Basically we ate our way through far too much food, opened some presents and spent the afternoon relaxing in the backyard with drinks.

What did I get? Julia Child's The Art of French Cooking, a bottle of torrontes, one of pisco and some plant seeds. My flatmates know me so well.

I managed to read almost an entire book (I'm itching to go to bed and finish it now but maybe just another bowl of trifle first...). I made it my goal to read a book a month. Last month I read The Help. This month I'm reading about the first guy to walk along the Amazon in its entirety. Epic and just a little mad. What guts that'd take!

I hope you had a great Christmas too. I'll leave you with a few of my favourite pictures from the Amazon (although I explored it from the relative comfort of a ferry and a guided jungle tour - although we did paddle our own dugout canoe and catch our own dinner of piranha). I have so much respect for this crazy dude.  No Christmas snaps yet as I'm borrowing my flatty's mac computer and it is so confusing. I'm going to bed...

eating breakfast of fish and banana at our campsite in the jungle

paddling down an Amazon tributary in a dugout canoe

my first piranha

sunrise on the Amazon from the ferry

It is hot in the Amazon - look at how sweaty we are after 5 mins of walking

Shaman perfoming a ceremony to rid me of my tummy ailment

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