Wednesday, December 21, 2011


On Monday afternoon (having spent the whole morning in bed after not leaving our work xmas function until 5.30am a bit worse for wear) I headed down to the SPCA to pick up a bunny.

The hutch arrived Sunday and I have to say, this bunny has it good! The hutch is nearly the size of my bedroom. It's a good thing too as Buquebus is massive! And he's such a glutton.

We went with the second bunny in the end, formally known as Sedgwick. Malakai was there and so gorgeous and friendly but not due to be desexed until the end of the month (and he's so cute and personable I'm sure he'll get chosen fast). We got in there just in time too as all the bunnies are moving out to Waikanae where they have better hutches. So if you know anyone looking to adopt a bunny that's where to go. I really hope Malakai finds a good home.

We are all completely smitten with Buquebus. He's getting more used to us. We chilled out on the couch together watching telly last night and he had free run of the lounge. The only pictures I've taken so far have all been on my phone but I'll get some good ones and post them this weekend.

My only day off is Christmas Day so until then I'm going to be pretty busy. Tomorrow I get to start work at 9.45am and won't leave until close (maybe 2am?). We just spent a small fortune at Pak n Save so I'd better start on baking some Christmas goodies. It looks like Christmas day dessert is going to be baked alaska and a plum frangipane tart, BBQ and salads for lunch and cream cheese and bacon bagels for breakfast. Cheeses (including port salud, my favourite) and homemade dips to graze on all day too.

I've got another Xmas dinner to go to on Boxing day so I'll need to make a pav for that at some point and need to bake some presents. I have knitting to finish as well and I have barely started on buying gifts. Hopefully I can find time to fit it all in between shifts at work. I am hanging out for 10pm on the 28th when I am flying home for a weeks holiday. I really cannot wait.

How are your Christmas preparations going?


  1. i don't think i could ever be as busy as you. we're pretty much finished our christmas shopping, besides two greedy santa presents, so i'm happy.. just need to clean our house before everyone comes on friday and then we're set for a full on christmas. hope you find the time to do all of your list. have a merry christmas too :)

  2. Can't wait to see photos of the new bunny! How exciting! If we didn't have cats I would have considered getting a bunny.