Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wow, I am tired but I have a mountain of dishes to do before going to bed. Today I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and managed to make quite a few things - toasted tropical muesli, two loaves of delicious white bread, rhubarb and ginger muffins, orange muffins and a eggplant and fresh tomato pasta dish to take into work for dinner. All that food wasn't just for me either. The muffins were for my colleagues as we've had a very busy week!

The bread, my usual recipe off the healthy food guide website, turned out amazing. Much more amazing than it usually does. Normally I try to make it healthier by using wholemeal flour and adding a few seeds and such. Not today. Today we had plain old white. I also used my new (secondhand from my mum) cake mixer with the dough hook on instead of kneading it too. It came out sky high and absolutely divine. In fact I might sneak another piece now...

The other thing I made was salad. We are eating salad a minimum of once a day because the lettuce and radishes in the garden are growing like crazy. It's hard to keep up with it. Recipe ideas for lettuce will be gratefully accepted.

Work was also quite fun tonight although tomorrow when it's the first night doing the new menu might be a different story :-S

I don't normally like to blog about my job but I might just have to share a couple of pictures this weekend as the just-opened-today downstairs area is looking pretty darn impressive. Actually we made the paper today (I haven't had any run ins with ghosts lately though...).

Right enough procrastinating. Dishes time!

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