Friday, December 23, 2011

Pictures of our tubby bunny

A quick post before I get ready for work. I managed to get most of my christmas shopping done between training in the morning and my official shift in the afternoon yesterday and went out for lunch too so I'm feeling much more organised. I slept in this morning too (a whopping 7 hours of sleep!) and all of us were home so we got the bunny out of his hutch and had lunch together while he ran around the lounge. And I've got a red wine and aubegine lasagne in the oven and a vege crumble in the fridge so we are set for lunches and dinners for both before and after Christmas which is one less thing to worry about. Yay.

Buquebus' latest cute thing is playing in a box we brought him home from work which he uses as a tunnel. If he keeps up the eating he might not fit through it for much longer though. Also at 2am I shredded a huge pile of documents so we are all set for bunny bedding material for a while (and it was free!). Right now both he and the neigbours' cat are stretched out in the sun looking oh so cute. They get along with the wire mesh between them.

On the gardening front our peas have pods! The tomatillo (Cape Horn gooseberry) is also starting to get some fruit and the first courgettes are about ready to eat. Hopefully after my holiday they'll all still be alive.

Anyway better go. Here are a couple of pictures of Buque. Enjoy.

His favourite hiding spot - under the cabinet. He
also stands up against it and tries to eat the mail.

Exploring the lounge

Pommy flatmate works LONG hours so here she is
snatching a few moments with Buque - eating breakfast with him.

Cloudy Bum and Buquebus

Note his cute food bowl. I've continued my red spot colour theme outdoors too.

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