Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well New Year's Eve has come and gone. I saw it in with a glass of wine, knitting and a comedy while it poured with rain outside. The best part was that I'm on holiday so I didn't have to set an alarm and so slept in before getting up to do more knitting. It's great having time to be a nana.
Last year I only had 3 resolutions and I ticked off the last one less than 4 hours before midnight. Nothing like a deadline. My resolutions were to shave off my hair for a cancer charity (tick), take Samoan classes (tick) and make a baked alaska (ticked off just last night).
It was quite yum but it will definately taste better next time. Things I learnt:
  1. Don't let any egg yolk get into the whites mixture. It doesn't get stiff and thus ends up on the oven tray instead of on top of the bombe alaska forming that all important seal.
  2. I could have left it in the oven for closer to 5 minutes to get the merigue nice and crunchy and the icecream more melted.
  3. Don't put frozen berries in the middle. They stay frozen. Better to use fresh berries next time.
  4. And I didn't pour brandy over it and set it alight (mum wasn't keen on me attempting this). Next time. It sounds like fun.

I've been thinking about resolutions for this year. I already have the list of 25 things to do before my 25th this year so instead of adding more to that I have 5 culinary things I'd like to achieve this year.
  1. Make chicken liver pate from scratch. I love the taste but not so much the thought of the livers so this will make me face that fear.
  2. Make croissants. I've been wanting to since I was about 9 years old but was told they'd be too hard.
  3. Make fresh pasta.
  4. Make tiramisu.
  5. Make marmalade.
Completely achievable and should be a lot of fun.
I hope everyone had a great New Year and best wishes for 2012.

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