Friday, January 13, 2012

Lazy morning

There's nothing better than sleeping in until midday when you have two full days off ahead of you. Except perhaps having a lazy breakfast of trifle and freshly whizzed banana/berry juice and a cup of tea while browsing all the sales knitting websites have on at the moment.

Gold star for me though as I have thus far managed to stop myself buying any. This has less to do with my amazing will power (trifle breakfast speaks for itself) and more to do with me already spending $50 on yarn this week.

I had to visit my GP a few days ago who is all the way out in Karori and so decided to make a morning of it. I had a chilli hot chocolate at the lovely cafe at the library and visited the cute wee yarn store. She had big discounts on all sorts of beautiful yarns. It took me forever to decide what to buy. In the end I went with 7 balls of chunky yarn in a nice beige that will be turned into a cowl before winter sets in. Or sooner if this weather keeps up.

So today I am going to brave the gales and do a little gardening, attack the housework and bread making and head into town to see yet another film, War Horse. I've been told to bring tissues.

On the gardening/cooking front, has anybody cooked courgette flowers before? I have a recipe on its way to me but looking for other ideas too as we are definately not short on them. I remember the talented kiddies on Junior Masterchef stuffing them and have heard you can lightly batter and fry them...hmm some experimenting in my kitchen this weekend I think. Hopefully they'll taste good as the bunny that eats almost anything turned his nose up at them.

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