Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meal memories

I don't really like watching television, mainly because there never seems to be anything on worth watching. We only get a couple of channels and they are fuzzy at best. Instead at times like now when I am indulging in some couch time to rest my ankle I find myself searching out one of my favourite shows online, No Reservations. Anthony Bourdain must have the coolest job in the world. Imagine getting paid to do my two favourite things, eating and travelling. I'm rewatching the Uruguay episode and it's getting me thinking about some of the most memorable meals of my life and most memorable in each country I've been to.

In Uruguay I sat in exactly the same seat as Anthony Bourdain although I ate slightly less of the meat. Being accompanied by a vegetarian I couldn't order the full parilla as it was way too much for one person,so I settled for a steak the size of a family roast with some crispy intestines on the side. The vegetarian had fish (barbequed in meat fat I think).

We shared a bottle of Uruguayan wine called medio medio. It's half white wine and half sparkling and incredibly refreshing. Just the thing when you are sitting in front of a giant grill in a building packed with giant grills all with fire lit underneath them.

The meat was to die for. I don't think my life will be complete until I go back there again and order the full parilla. The sweetbreads, the blood sausage, all those different cuts of meat.... oh my goodness if I close my eyes I could be back there again with the heat, the smell of all that sizzling meat and the sound of the cooks (all men) talking as they chuck logs up onto the fire.

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