Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Samoa planning

My favourite thing in the world to do is do plan travel (well, apart from actually travelling). I'm really excited to have 2 weeks in Samoa this May. Because it is my fourth trip over there I wanted to do something a little different. My first option was to go to American Samoa which is only an 8 hour ferry ride away from Independent Samoa. It sounded pretty appealing but was looking to be a bit pricey as there is no beach fale kind of set up over there and I'd need flights to get off the main island to where the apparently gorgeous beaches are. So I decided to save it for another trip.

Option B which I have decided to do, is to turn the trip into a cycling holiday. It adds a physical challenge to the trip. I'm not crazy though so apart from my first night which will be in Apia, I'll spend the entire two weeks just biking around the one island. This means there are 6 proper cycling days and the rest for rest, recovery, snorkling, sunbathing and drinking coconuts. So a little crazy, and a lot relaxing.

I really like to try do my holidays on the cheap and treat myself with a couple of luxuries.

My return flights from Auckland to Apia cost $400.
My flight Wellington to Auckland is $35.
I haven't booked a return flight back from Auckland as I'm waiting to see what comes up on Grabaseat.

Two weeks cycle hire is $230.

I have a $50 a night budget for accommodation. I know for a fact that some will be cheaper than this and perhaps one will be a little more expensive. Accommodation over there is in a hut right on the beach and includes breakfast and dinner.

My splurges will be a dive trip, and probably dinner at Aggie Grey's resort on my last night as it's right by the airport, it's a great way to kill time before check in.

Of course I've budgeted for a vailima (beer) once or twice a day too!

My favourite thing about going to the islands is that packing is a breeze. I take carry on only to force myself to pack light - this'll be even more important as I'll be carrying it on the bike. This is my all encompassing packing list for my Samoa cycling holiday.

  • backpack to put it all in
  • passport, eftpos card
  • flight details, TRAVEL INSURANCE
  • camera, charger, SD card
  • water proof small bag for passport/camera etc
  • snorkel gear
  • shoes - 1x jandals, 1x teva reef type shoes for cycling
  • 3/4 leggings for cycling x2
  • singlets/t shirts x4
  • cardigan x1
  • lava lava x3
  • dress x1-2
  • underwear - 3x bras, 6x undies
  • summer PJs
  • togs x2
  • quick dry towel
  • sunglasses
  • insect repellent, lush 2 in 1 shampoo bar, kathmandu landry liquid/body wash, sunscreen, lip gloss, comb, hairties, papaya balm or vicks for mozzie bites
  • water sanitation tablets
  • empty water bottle
  • socks for the plane (I get cold feet)
  • 1x book (can swap it at book exchange half way around the island)
  • knitting
  • sense of adventure

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